New Hunger Games 4K Steelbook Collection on the Way!

Exciting news tributes! We’ve been hoping that LionsGate would be celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the first film in the franchise this March and it looks like we’re starting to get some info on exactly what the festivities will include!

From the image posted on social media earlier today, it appears that LionsGate will be releasing a new 4 film DVD/Blu-Ray set in SteelBook packaging. No word on special features or release regions yet.

Isn’t that Mockingjay artwork amazing??

From online reports, we believe that the full artwork and official release date will be shared with us all tomorrow, so keep your eyes open (pun intended)!

Is there anything else you’re hoping for? We here at Into the Arena are crossing our fingers for a rerelease of The Hunger Games in theaters. We would love to see it one more time on the big screen!

SOURCE: The Hunger Games Official Twitter

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